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Rosy’s Coco dress!

Hello lovely reader! I hope you are having a good day! It’s very warm here in the South East of England right now; the sun has definitely got his hat on!! I’m sorry to say that hot weather makes me a bit grumpy, so I’m currently hiding indoors with a nice cool drink, whilst tip-tapping away on the laptop!

I was very lucky when Fliss (co founder of Felicity Fabrics) sent me some of the beautiful blue stripe ponte (that you can find here) to use for a project a few weeks back! I loved it and knew instantly that it would make a perfect Coco dress (from Tilly and the buttons). I’ve made several Coco tops, but never a dress and I really wanted one! As you will know if you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, I love to sew clothes that give a nod to vintage styles and fashions, and so the 60s silhouette of the Coco really appealed to me! I decided to include the funnel neck, to give it that extra 1960s edge! When I’d finished, I loved the dress, but felt like something was missing. After looking on social media for inspiration, I realised that a pair of contrast pockets would be the perfect finishing touch! I had some lovely red french terry in my stash, but you could use whatever colour you fancy if you decide to make something similar. One of the original Coco designs on Tillys website shows a stripe dress with lime green pockets! Once I’d added the pockets, I was super happy with the dress!

One of the reasons why the Coco dress appeals to me is that I dont really like to wear casual clothes like hoodies or sweatshirts, but I do still like to have clothes that I can just throw on and know I’ll feel comfy yet stylish. This Coco is a perfect example of that! It’s extremely comfy (especially when I wear it with leggings!) but I still feel like I’m staying true to my vintage style!

The fabric itself is such a lovely quality! Super soft, a nice weight and very stable to sew with. Plus, it washes up really well! I’ve sewn with a few different ponte fabrics of varying prices over the years and I can honestly say that this is the nicest one I’ve used. Can you tell I’m a big fan!?!

Now, you might be thinking that as we are heading into the warmer months, this kind of fabric has no purpose. However, I actually think that my Coco will still get lots of use during the summer. We recently got some comfy garden armchairs, and once the kids have gone to bed, my husband and I quite like to sit outside, with a glass of wine and chat about the days events. When the sun goes down, I can pop on my Coco and stay warm and snuggly, whilst still relaxing in the garden!

Well, that’s all from me today. I think it’s time for me to pop into the garden so I can dip my toes in the paddling pool! I might even have an ice cream too! Ok, maybe summer has some good points after all!! Ta ta for now!