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Carol’s ginger jeans!

Hey there all you lovely readers, thanks so much for stopping by!

I’m so thrilled to have been chosen as one of Fliss and Caroline’s blog team here at Felicity Fabrics, and for my first offering I’d like to share with you these lovely Ginger Jeans made in Felicity Fabrics stretch cord, in the Old Rose colourway.

I have to say the delivery of my parcel was such a treat, beautifully packaged in plastic free packaging, the fabric was wrapped in tissue paper, inside a nice sturdy cardboard box before being wrapped in a protective coat of brown paper. The whole experience was one which showed real luxury quality packaging and lovely quality fabric. You can really tell that this is a labour of love for Felicity Fabrics.

Once inside I was really impressed with the colour and softness of this lovely fabric. I also thought the little swatch card would be so handy for taking to a bricks and mortar shop if you need to buy a matching zip or buttons. 

After a quick pre-wash I line dried my cord and set to work cutting my Ginger jeans out. I was especially cautious around lining up the straight of grain and the direction of the fabric, as cord has a distinct nap. 

You can see here that I have folded the fabric along the straight of grain and I’m using my ruler to check that the line is straight along the length of my fabric.

I have made the Closet case Ginger jeans once before and they have great tutorials on the website for lots of their patterns including the Gingers, so don’t be too daunted if you fancy having a go.

 I’d just suggest you use an old sheet or similar to get a rough draft before you cut into the good stuff, it will really boost your confidence!

Once I’d got all my pieces cut out, I had to choose my top stitch thread, you can’t beat a good bit of top stitching in my book!

These were my favourites!

I decided on the dark grey as the slightly variegated ones looked a bit odd when they got lost in the nap of the cord.

Now unfortunately I have heard people complain that they have made the Gingers and got twisted legs! This didn’t happen with my first pair but did happen with the left leg on these! I was so annoyed and the Gingers sat in the naughty corner for a few days until I worked out the problem, and I’m going to share the secret with you!

The instructions say to stretch the back leg as it is cut a little shorter. Yeah but if you stretch one seam and don’t stretch the other the same amount this is what happens!!

I unpicked the inside and outside seam up as far as the hip and re-sewed it, ta-da no more twisting!!

I’m so thrilled with these and I know I’ve learnt and improved as a maker, since starting these. So, it’s a win, win, beautiful jeans which fit me a treat and new knowledge to boot!

I had to get some lovely outdoor pics and we had a drive to a local canal where these images were taken, lots of social distance available here!