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Carol’s Hillary Blouse!

I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm about this gorgeous fabric!

Hey, you lovely Felicity fabrics readers, I’m so pleased you stopped by today!

I really want you to know how lovely this fabric is, its just so soft, it’s an absolute delight.

When I first saw this viscose, I fell in love. It’s such a pretty fabric. But, no sooner did I spy it on the website than it was out of stock! I was so disappointed, as although I’m usually a bit nervous of pattern and tend to choose more plain fabrics this really grabbed my attention, so as soon as it came back in stock, I had to have some!

When it arrived, I quickly washed it at 30 degrees and popped it on the washing line to dry, I was so impressed with the colours they really pop. I wonder if that’s one of the reasons they call it effervescent bubbles!? Ha-ha 😊

Now, I want to let you know how well this behaved, I have heard of some viscose fabrics, clicking. As in, you get a little pull in the fabric, which causes a white line running along the warp or weft. Well this was certainly not the case with this. I must admit I did use a new rotary cutter blade and a new fine needle in my sewing machine. But, I would recommend that with every project. I also didn’t have a problem with it fraying or being pulled into the feed dogs of my machine, which you can also get with finer fabrics. This fabric was so user friendly. I wish all delicate fabrics were this well behaved! 

The pattern I used was The Tessuti Fabrics Hillary Blouse. I have made it once before, and I really like the style, although I have omitted the peplum at the bottom and instead extended the bodice pieces by about 8 inches. I do like the peplum version, but I am a little conscious of my tummy being a bit chubbier than I’d like and really don’t want to make it look bigger than it already does!

By extending the bodice straight down, I can also tuck it in if I like.

I’m wearing my new blouse with my Old Rose corduroy Ginger jeans (this fabric was also from Felicity fabrics) although sadly currently out of stock on the website. I think this is a lovely outfit, beautiful yet comfy, perfect for working from home, or weekend wear!

I’m absolutely thrilled with my latest make and planning lots of outfits around this. But, if the Chantilly colourway is not for you, then checkout the Midnight version, its equally as fabulous!! 

Lady McElroy – Effervescent Bubble – midnight

If I’d not made my Hillary blouse, I might have made an Ogden Cami or perhaps some fabulously luxurious lingerie or a slinky robe!! 

I hope you like my latest make till next time keep chatting and stitching Carol 😊