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Carol’s Zadie!

I’m just Dotty about my Zadie!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I am so excited to share my latest make with you!

When I first noticed this delightful viscose challis on the new arrivals section of the Felicity fabrics website I just fell in love. (It’s called Dotty about Dots, by Lady McElroy) 

It’s the loveliest claret colour and is completely covered in these little pink random dots! 

The colour is simply perfect for a summer or autumn make; don’t you think so?

The viscose is 140cm wide and such a soft delicate feel at just 85gm/m2

The best thing about a fabric like this is, no pattern matching!!

As soon as it arrived I quickly popped it through the laundry at 30 degrees and got it out on the line for a blow in the sunny breeze, I’m always so excited to see a beautiful length of new fabric drying in the sunshine. So full of expectations of what’s to come, oh the endless possibilities!

Anyway, I digress! 

This lovely viscose was already destined to be a Zadie jumpsuit, I have made the pattern just once before, and I really like it, its so easy (no tricky fastenings) and so versatile. I’m still working 50% from home and this fits the bill perfectly, comfy enough to wear all day, but smart enough to be part of those endless video calls. Definitely secret pyjamas!!

As soon as the fabric was dry, I gave it a quick press and got on with making my Zadie!

I used a new rotary cutter blade and fine sewing machine needle and the viscose behaved beautifully, it didn’t click at all, which can be a problem with some viscose’s. (in case you are unfamiliar, clicking is where you get a run through the fabric) it often shows as a white line along the warp or weft and can be really annoying! But this had no such problems, it was fab!

I cut the size 12 although I measured at a 14. I also shortened the rise by 2” and lengthened the bodice by 1”( I made a toile before my first Zadie and the waist was a little high for me) so I just repeated the same adjustments!

I did consider adding the sleeves to my Zadie as its such a great autumn colour but decided after scrolling Instagram that I really preferred the sleeveless version. I also think this would look just great over a turtle or polo necked long sleeve top, so the sleeves are un-necessary!

I’m also considering wearing it with boots and a cardi or a little jacket, one thing is for sure I’m going to keep wearing this as long as I can until I have to put it away till next summer, when I know it’s going to be in regular rotation again!

I really hope you like my Zadie? I certainly do!

Till next time keep chatting and stitching, Carol x