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Rebekah’s Bobbi!

It’s lovely to be back with another blog for Caroline and Fliss at Felicity Fabrics. When Caroline and Fliss launched a set of new fabrics back in late 2020 there was one fabric in particular that caught my eye. It was this gorgeous Duck Egg Suede Twill. The suede twill has a lovely soft finish and to my pleasant surprise it had a little stretch in it too. The fabric is 145cm wide and I would say it is medium weight. 

It’s always wonderful receiving a package from Felicity Fabrics. The fabric comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, with a handwritten note, fabric swatch inside a cardboard box printed with their name. I always love to keep these boxes and reuse them for any packages I have to send. 

I haven’t used a suede twill before so wasn’t sure what to totally expect. The duck egg colour is such a gorgeous shade. It is super soft fabric and has a look of very fine corduroy, I think that’s the twill makes it like that. I also am usually drawn to patterned fabrics so it was nice to choose a plain coloured fabric which will go with so many items in my wardrobe. 

As soon as I saw the fabric I knew the perfect pattern that I had wanted to try for a while. I decided to make the Tilly and the Buttons Bobbi pattern, it can be made as a pinafore and skirt. The Bobbi pattern features a button down front, hip pockets and a pocket on the bib part if you go for the pinafore version. 

Seeing as the suede twill has a little stretch in it, I decided to cut out a size 3 as I wanted it to be nice and fitted. Usually I am a size 4 in Tilly’s patterns. Also make sure the fabric is prewashed especially since it does have some stretch in it. I used a stretch needle too, although if you don’t have a stretch needle you could try a normal one to see how it takes to the fabric. I would recommend doing this on a scrap piece of fabric. 

When looking through my threads, I found a multicolour metallic thread and thought that would be perfect. It can’t be seen too noticeably but does give a little hint of sparkle. I also chose to overlock my inside seams, if you don’t have an overlocker that will be ok as I don’t think this fabric would fray easily. 

I really enjoyed this sew and took it nice and slowly, I enjoyed each step really taking it in. I think it is nice to try new patterns now and again as it slows you down to appreciate each step. I didn’t find anything in the pattern overly difficult, I always think Tilly’s patterns are well explained. 

Sewing the suede twill was pretty easy, there were no issues with it. If you haven’t sewn with stretch fabrics before this could be a gentle introduction to them. I did plan to do buttonholes but on my test buttonhole, my machine didn’t like the fabric for them. Each machine will be different so just try the buttonholes out to see the result. Seeing as my buttonholes weren’t going to plan, I used bronze poppers which matched my bronze dungaree buckles. Do beware though if you use poppers, as when I was bending down tidying after Henry some popped opened so I’ll have to watch that when I’m out anywhere haha! 

I will definitely keep my eye out for more suede twills as they are very comfortable yet stylish to wear. I will also make the Bobbi pattern again as I can see it being a staple in my wardrobe. I think I’ll just do the skirt version next. 

Other garments that you might like to try in this fabric include jackets, trousers or even a shirt depending on the pattern. 

Thank you again Caroline and Fliss for this gorgeous fabric. 

If you purchase this fabric, I would love to see what you make. Tag me on Instagram, SewNo65.

Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing, Rebekah x