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Carol’s Burnside Bibs!

Wowzer, how is it only February?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this winter has been going on forever. 

I am so over it and can’t wait for warmer days and some sunshine!!

With that in mind when I saw this lovely Viscose Linen on the Felicity Fabrics website, I was desperate to make some Sew House Seven, Burnside Bibs. I think they will be perfect for crossing over into spring, cosy and warm one day and chic and cool the next!

So, let me tell you all about my fabric choice. The Viscose linen comes in 2 colourways. Black and this one which is the Navy. The composition is 78% viscose and 22% linen and that makes it delicious, it’s got quite a weight to it (210g/m2) but it’s very drapey and quite fluid! It’s a generous 135cm wide and I couldn’t tell one side from the other so I think you could get away with using the “wrong side”. 

As soon as I finished stroking it, I popped it through the wash at 30ºC and hung it outside to dry. I love to see my new fabric blowing in the breeze, the endless possibilities really inspire me!

 To be honest although I intended to make Burnsides when I ordered it, its so lovely and drapey I almost caved and made a Chalk and Notch Orchid midi dress, or a Wildwood wrap dress!!

But as the images will attest, I stuck by my original plan and the Burnsides won out!

So, there are several options for the Burnsides and I’ll explain what I made and why!

I chose to make the legs full length rather than cropped as I thought they would be warmer and consequently I would get more wear from them. I can always choose to crop the legs at a later date if I change my mind after all!

There are two versions, V1 is fitted with a side zipper and V2 (which I chose) has a clever tie which is grown on from the bib straps which passes over the shoulders and threads through belt loops. I decided on this version as I’m rather apple shaped these days, and they would be more forgiving if I gain or preferably shed a few pounds!

There are two options for the “bib” I decided on the scoop version as I have already made several bib type garments. One pair of Hey Day dungarees and two Tilly and the Buttons, Cleo pinafores, all of which have a straight bib and I thought this scoop would make a nice feminine change to the type I have made so far!

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern except for to lengthen the legs, as I am 5’8 and they were drafted for someone who’s 5’6” to 5’7” although to be honest, I did chop off what I added so in future I won’t bother adding extra length!

I’m really enjoying wearing my new bibs over turtlenecks with a cosy cardi over the top, but I have one eye on the sky as I can’t wait to wear them with a lovely blouse or with a cute t-shirt underneath!!

I really hope you like what I’ve made? 

(you can see more of my makes on my blog Chatterstitch.wordpress.com or on IG @chatterstitch) 

Till next time keep chatting and Stitching Carol x