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Rosy’s Kew Dress!

Oh I do love a polka dot!! I just can’t help it! When I browse all the floral fabrics, I do see a few that I like. But when I see polka dot fabric, my heart skips a beat and a huge smile comes over my face! I immediately start mentally scrolling through my list of patterns, to decide which one I can use to turn this spotty cloth into something gorgeous. 

That is exactly what happened when I saw this fabulous cerise polka dot poplin. I soon decided it would be turned into a Nina Lee Kew dress! Nina has recently extended the size range on this pattern, which makes me so happy! As you can imagine, it really helps my body confidence when patterns are available in my size! 

I really enjoyed sewing up the Kew dress. Its a very simple make, as there is no collar, and the buttons aren’t on a separate placket.  Plus, cotton poplin is just so easy to work with! Perfect for a beginner or when you’re trying out a new pattern! 

Talking of buttons, this dress requires 15! Usually, I’d never have 15 of the same buttons on hand. But I recently started collecting vintage buttons, and they often come on cards of 24. As I rummaged through my little stash, I saw these cute little 1940s turquoise beauties and it seemed like it was meant to be! What colour combination can be more pleasing than pink and turquoise?! 

In conclusion, I must say that I’m really pleased with this dress.  The fabric and pattern combination have worked out well! Its going to be great on hot summer days when I don’t want too many layers.  But, I’ve also already worn it with tights! So its super versatile!  

Right! I’m off to look for more polka dot fabric!! See you soon!!!