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Rosy’s Georgia Tee and Robbie Pants!

As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, it can sometimes be hard to find the right clothes to wear! You start the day needing cardigans, tights and boots and then 10 minutes later, you’re stripping off the layers because the sun’s come out! 

With that in mind, I decided to use this scrumptious chambray with a gold pinstripe, to create an outfit that could be layered up however I needed it! As you can see from the photos, the outfit can be worn with long sleeve tshirts, scarves, hats, cardigans, boots or converse…the choice is yours! 

For the top, I chose the Georgia Tee from Elizabeth Suzann and for the trousers I decided on the Robbie Pants by Tessuti. 

The Georgia Tee pattern comes in 3 lengths; cropped, tunic and dress. I chose the cropped length. It still came out fairly long, considering it was supposed to be cropped. I initially thought it would look nice with a French tuck (a French Tuck is when you tuck the very front of the top into the trousers and then leave the rest untucked) but then decided I would prefer to have it hanging loose. So I did a high low hem by shortening it at the front and leaving it longer at the back. 

I found the sizing rather generous. According to my measurements (B49″ W42″) I needed to cut the largest size. But when it was sewn up, it was huge on me. So, I brought the side seams in by 2″ and removed the cuffs (which are gorgeous and if I’d cut the right size, would have definitely stayed!) Which improved the look greatly! 

For the Robbie Pants, I cut size 20 waist, graded to an 18 hip. They fit well on the whole. However, I do get some drag lines on the trousers legs, which I think would be resolved by cutting the back crotch slightly deeper. I will have to experiment with some other fabric to see how that adjustment helps! 

I found the pattern and instructions for the Robbie Pants to be a bit hit and miss. Some of the pattern and instructions were hand drawn and some done on computer. Which, isn’t a bad thing, but it looks a bit amateur. Also some of the instructions and some labelling of the pattern pieces was a bit sparse. But, I managed it and I absolutely love the finished trousers! I’ve got lots more of these trousers planned…including some in red cord! It’s a really quick project to make and looks fabulous on! The pattern includes patch pockets, so I will add them to my next pair I think. 

I’m really pleased with the fabric I chose. It’s a medium weight chambray so it’s perfect for the changing seasons. With th gold stripe, it elevates the outfit into something rather special and I very much like that! 

Thanks so much for reading my blog…I hope it has been helpful and inspiring! If you make either or these garments or use this lovely chambray, please tag me in the comments on your post so that I can see it! 

Have a great day!