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cara’s lotta dress!

I love this time of year. There is something magical about the changing colour in the trees, the cosiness of the central heating pinging on, and the general sense of Autumn.

I love to layer up, and like many of my fellow bloggers we all love to sew our Autumnal wardrobe, for many of us, its our favourite season to sew for. I am no exception, and for me every year I suddenly start to wear dresses. It’s a rare sight to see me in a dress over summer, I’m a jumpsuit kind of girl. But give me a pair of cotton tights, boots and a cardi and its paired with a dress nearly everyday, and I love it!

So having said I rarely wear a dress, the exception to this is the Lotta Dress by Tilly and the Buttons. Its such a simple shape and simple make. I love to wear colour in Autumn, and this beautiful Lurex Stripe Terra fit the bill perfectly. There is an amazing gold stipe running through the fabric that subtly catches the light, its the perfect weight of fabric for this time of year, and has drape, with a sense of structure. The other reason I love the Lotta dress as its perfect for layering. I made this dress whilst we had a spell of really warm weather, no layering required, just little pumps for footwear. But now I’m wearing a Tilly and the Button Freya Top underneath, and later in the season I’ll pop a Harper Cardigan by Sinclair Patterns over the top of that.

I learn with everything I make, and this time it is to have patience before you hem, this beautiful viscose, like many, needs to hang before you hem. Did I do this?, Nope. Did the hem drop?, Yup! but actually I like it, I’ve given myself an unintentional high-low hem. Well, that’s what I tell myself, and anyway, its a ‘design feature’; but it is something you should¬† be aware of.

I look forward to seeing many more Autumn outfits from my fellow bloggers, I get so inspired by them all, and I absolutely adore the range of fabrics available on the Felicity Fabrics website that allow my ideas to become reality.