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Sally’s Veronika skirt!

Hey all, 

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have a lot of plain clothing in my wardrobe and it was about time to make some staples and you can’t go wrong with Black skirt!

I knew I had to pull in some vintage vibes from somewhere for this and the free Veronika skirt pattern from Megan Nielsen just ticked all the boxes.

So I opted for the black suede twill which is just beautiful and a good weight to it , perfect for a circle skirt.

With myself only being 5 foot 1.5″ and this was pattern was drafted for 5 foot 6″ so I took off 4″ at the hem in my pattern pieces.

The black suede twill is so dreamy, it’s got a good weight to it and sews up really well.

For the pocket linings, I’ve had this beauty of a fat quarter in my stash since goodness knows when and thought it’d be ideal to use it now and every time I go into my pockets I’ll see it peaking through. 

Now a girl can’t have too big of a pocket right? These are perfect for all occasions if I’m at work or as a smart skirt at the weekend.

I’m afraid to say that I haven’t sewn in a zip for a long time but thankfully the instructions were easy to follow and it soon came back to me and was installed ah ok.

Instead of stitching in the stitch for my waistband, I like to hand sew this part for a neater finish inside, just personal preference really.

Since this skirt is full circle I had to let it hang for around 24 hours to make sure that if any of the hem dropped that to level it off before hemming it on the machine.

Here is my Veronika all sewn up. I paired up my skirt with these cute vintage style shoes and wore a previous me made top to complete the vintage modern look.

Happy Sewing!