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Rebekah’s Florence top!

Hi everyone, 

It’s always lovely to be doing a blog for Caroline and Fliss at Felicity Fabrics. Since my last blog we had a beautiful baby boy and I’m glad to say that we are all doing well. 

I think it was one early morning during a feed that I came across this fabric. Like 2am early I mean. It’s a great time for finding fabulous fabrics, trust me! But not so good for the bank balance come morning haha. Anyhow I found this gorgeous fabric on Felicity Fabrics which I knew I would love to do for my next blog. So thank you ladies for this. 

It is the Dotty Double Gauze, as described on the website it is a super soft, vibrant duck egg green double gauze. It has a dotty print in rustic tones. And it is exactly that and more. I’m always drawn to duck egg colours and I thought this one was particularly different with the rusty colours. When it arrived and I felt it, I couldn’t believe how soft it really was. I pre washed it on a quick wash right away and soon got tracing my pattern. 

I was pretty settled from the moment I saw the fabric which pattern I would make. The pattern I chose was the Merchant and Mills (M&M) Florence top/dress. I chose to do the top version. I’ve had this pattern on my list to do for about a year so time I finally made it! 

The M&M Florence is a cropped top with a short full gathered frill at the front becoming deeper and higher at the back. It is neatly fitting around the shoulder and neck with 2 darts in the shoulders on the back bodice. It also has a placket with buttons or you may choose to do poppers like I did. 

Thankfully there aren’t too many pieces to trace and cut, 6 to be exact. When looking at the sizing chart my measurements fell under a size 12. Though between looking at the style of the top and the finished garment measurements I chose to make a size 10. Having made it I can confirm that this was the right move. I still have room to move but it is a neater fit, exactly what I was after. 

After pre-washing my double gauze I made sure to iron the fabric to make sure the sizing wouldn’t be distorted should I iron it in the future. 

I made this top over a number of days mostly with our baby boy in my left or right arm feeding. Needs must eh? Overall though it is not a long sew and very enjoyable. The button placket is concealed so there are no raw edges. As I said before I chose to use poppers, in orange for a pop of colour and they tied in with the rusty colours. There is a lot of gathering but if you follow me on Instagram you know I love gathering from the number of TATB Lyra dresses I have. When I have to do gathering I always pop the kettle on and get a snack then relax pinning my gathers. Remember you can’t have too many pins for the gathers! The more the better in my eyes. 

Another thing I chose to do for my Florence top was make it with French seams rather than overlocking. Making it with double gauze I thought French seams would strengthen the seams and add that special touch to my new garment. 

I have always been a fan of the TATB Indigo top but I think the M&M Florence could become the new favourite. I plan to wear it both ways like in my photographs. It’s so versatile and bonus it’s nursing friendly, something I need right now. 

In terms of the fabric I used a fine needle for working with the double gauze, about a 70 or 80. It is worth purchasing the matching thread from Felicity Fabrics as the match is flawless. 

I can see many more Merchant and Mills Florence tops being made now for my wardrobe and it will become a TNT pattern for me. 


I couldn’t recommend this double gauze enough, it is absolutely beautiful and it did not disappoint one bit. It was also a pretty stable fabric to sew. I find double gauze warm yet cool at the same time to wear. 

If you like this fabric or any others on Felicity Fabrics, you can use the code Rebekah10 for 10% off. Why not treat yourself! After all, fabric collecting is an art and our own personal art gallery. Click here to see all the Double Gauze fabrics available on the website.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you like it too. 

Rebekah aka SewNo65 x