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Cara’s Heyday Dungarees!

‘At this time of year most of us are thinking about being warm and cosy, and there are a number of fabrics that spring to mind that help us achieve this. Sweatshirt, fleece, jersey and so on. But, for me, I add cord into the mix. So, when the lovely ladies who run Felicity Fabrics gave the blogger team a pre-sale glimpse of their new fabrics, a beautiful cord in deep petrol was top of my list!

This fabric is super soft, it’s what I would call a mid size cord, it’s not jumbo and its not regular, just perfect. It gives definition to the cord without it being too thick to sew seams with. But what to make? I confess that I instantly had one pattern in mind. The Heyday dungarees by Waves and Wild. I’ve made this pattern several times and is a firm favourite of mine. The previous versions have all been light weight, in linen for example, I wanted to expand my collection and the petrol cord is perfect for this, and something that can be worn across the seasons.

The construction of the dungarees is very straight forward. The size of the pattern pieces can look a little daunting, but don’t be put off, they are big because they are essentially the full length of the dungarees, two halves for the front and two halves for the back. There are no facings as you turn the top of the bib over to create your placket, and turn the edges of the bib in to finish the side seams. Super simple and incredibly affective. The dungarees are very long in my experience, but no problem, they are designed to be turned up and stitched, so no hemming required.

The timing of this blog was perfect for me, as I was about to go on holiday to Holland, one of my favourite places, whilst I was there I naturally sort out a fabric shop, seen in one of the photos. Dungarees are perfect for layering and are an outfit all in one, so don’t take up my space in your luggage, and give you lots of opportunities just by changing your top. The top I am wearing is the Somerset Tee by Mavern Patterns made in a beautiful Jersey that was provided to me by Felicity Fabrics last year for a previous blog post, I love how the colours combine.

The cord fabric is very versatile and would be perfect for skirts, pinafores, trousers and so much more, I know you’ll love it as much as I do.