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Gemma’s Knit Sparkle top!

Hi all,

Hope you’re well! I’m on the blog today to talk about my most recent make which is the New Look N6733 in the beautiful knit sparkle fabric.

I don’t actually make a lot of “Big 4” patterns – I think this is only my second in fact and although this is classed as an “easy” pattern, I certainly didn’t have an easy time of it! 

To be fair, I think that’s mainly due to my pattern and fabric pairing, but I wanted to push myself and see if I could make this work. 

The N6733 is a top pattern made for jersey fabrics. The sparkle knit I used is a viscose knit, so doesn’t actually have any elastane in it. It does have a natural stretch though due to the way it’s woven so I thought it would work for this pattern. 

I made a size medium, as from previous experience and from “hear say,” Big 4 patterns normally run large. My measurements actually fell from a medium bust to a large waist and hip, so I should’ve graded out, but I didn’t…

You may be able to see that my “side seams” are too far to the front of the top, but to be honest it doesn’t bother me that much. 

Everything was going fine with this pattern up until I had to sew the side seams, but mine just did not match up at all! No idea what happened there as I definitely cut the right sizes. From this point on I just found it quite a struggle – not once in the pattern does it talk about finishing seams (probably because jersey doesn’t need to be finished but I still like to do that) and this fabric does need to be finished i.e. with an over locker, as it will fray. I think you would find the construction of this pattern much easier if you use a true jersey. 

When I struggle with a pattern, I normally try to refer to other people’s blog posts or a hashtag on instagram, but I literally could not find a single post about this pattern, so I had to figure things out for myself. 

The next issue I found was that my sleeve did not match up to my front bodice – again, no idea why, but I made this work by gathering that seam. Luckily it worked as this fabric has a lovely drape, but if you look at the pattern envelope, the raglan sleeve seam is not meant to be gathered. 

I ended up estimating the neckband length due to the stretch this fabric had, and I did unpick and trim it down as I had over estimated. Luckily as the whole of the neck is gathered, you can make it work for however you like your neckbands to sit. 

There are two sleeve options for this pattern, one is a puffy sleeve with elastic in it, and the other is a double layer flutter sleeve, which I chose. I’m so  glad I did as this sleeve is beautiful in this fabric and I’m very happy with it. 

There is a little cut out at the lower back of the top and this is closed by tying the ties either into a bow or a knot. 

The fabric is beautifully drapey and is actually quite heavy, but I had no issues sewing with it. It has a lovely sparkle and is not scratchy at all on the inside. There is a definite right and wrong side, so that makes things easier when cutting out. 

Talking of cutting out, I had 1.5m for this make and for the size medium/large I probably needed another 30cm. I got all the pieces out with some leftovers by cutting on a single layer for the sleeves, so you can make it work with less fabric (probably not if it’s directional though!). 

In summary, I did make this garment construction harder than it needed to be by using an alternative fabric. I do think the instructions aren’t great but I may try it again in a jersey. 

The fabric is beautiful and I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out – it seems to drape in all the right places! 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my make and I do hope it inspires you to try this gorgeous sparkly fabric for yourself – it will make some beautiful garments for the festive season! 

Until next time, take care and happy sewing!

Gemma (@thedalythread) x