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Holly’s Sagrebrush hack.

To take it from a top to a dress I extended the front and back bodice pattern pieces by 35cm, this was based on a similar dress length that I liked but with a bit extra added on just in case. I didn’t add anything to the width as I thought the finished hip ease would be enough, and I wanted to be a true shift style dress.  
The fabric I decided on is an excellent quality Sevenberry cotton, it’s medium weight, has a dark navy background with cream crosses and dashes covering it in a diagonal pattern. It’s a narrow fabric so double check the amount you need before cutting into it. I used 3 metres for a size XS of this dress and had a little bit left over. I absolutely love this fabric, it feels so nice to wear and definitely weighty enough for a Spring day dress. It was super straightforward cutting my pieces out once I’d double checked everything would fit on and it pressed wonderfully. 
 Construction wise I had no real issues, my overlocker struggled to get through the chunky gathering at the shoulders so I trimmed it down first and then overlocked. This pattern has a really great mixture of techniques including gathering, inserting elastic and attaching a bias strip at the neckline. This is probably the most tricky part but the instructions are very detailed and an ambitious beginner could definitely take this pattern on.  
The fabric was a joy to sew with, it behaved impeccably and I really enjoyed putting this dress together. Being a medium weight cotton the fabric has some body to it and you can really see this in the sleeves – they definitely hold their shape! In hindsight I should have added more width to the front and back pieces as although there’s plenty of wiggle room I could have done with a touch more!
I’m really happy with how this make has turned out, I love a throw it over your head dress and this feels like just that. I can either wear it with tights if it’s a bit chilly or with some trainers on a sunnier day. it’s going to pair lovely with some of my lightweight jackets too and being navy based, will pair with lots of other colours too!
This fabric would also look amazing as a skirt, a lightweight jacket or a shirt would look great too.
Happy sewing,  Holly x